Types of Car Covers Do you want more information?

Covers are available in in different types and this is something very important, the people like so many options and that makes the process much easier and you will not have problem. Make sure you go in for the Thecarcover, which is the best in the business and will very good results to one and all.

Fabric type car cover-for homeowners that have garage or other covered protection. It is a simple car cover, very light, soft easy to use fabric. Fabric weave is specially designed not to cause damage to the car finish. It is the best cover to other areas. It is important that you go in for a brand which is of quality and one of the best options is Thecarcover, which is a great choice and you can really enjoy every minute of it. Since there are many people who are not sure, about going ahead and going for something that is up to the mark, they can go in for it. Many people are looking for solutions to keep their car complete safe and this are one of the best ways of doing it, this is never easy and you have to dress it up well for it to give good results.

Thick Cover, UV and Water Resistant- for vehicles living outdoors. These covers can damage your vehicle if you buy poor quality. Look for one made of soft woven material or has woolen lining.

UV protection is another feature to look for if your car is outdoors.

Customized covers- completely custom made for your unique needs and wants.

Types of Covers:

  1. Car covers
  2. Truck covers
  3. SUV covers
  4. Van covers
  5. ATV covers
  6. Limousine covers
  7. Motor cycle covers
  8. Disposable covers
  9. Roll up covers

  • Car Covers

Water proof car covers-protect the car’s exterior. The paint color of the car does not fade-looks as new. This cover keeps dust at bay. Cars stored in a dump environment are prone to moisture which speeds up oxidation reaction hence causing rust. Covers with waterproof feature will take care of this. Make sure that you go in for Thecarcover, this is a great option and you will not need to worry about anything else. There are many good options and this is one of the best in the market and you can go in for something like that. Since there are many people one can decide the best options based on their need and budget and once that happens things are much easier and you will not have any issue. This is something very serious and they should go in with something like this that helps a great deal

Outdoor car coversthese covers are designed to bewaterproof, UV resistant and scratch resistant.

Indoor car covers– these covers are designed to bewaterproof, UV resistant and scratch resistant.

  • Limousine covers

Limousine- a car used for business purposes hence the need to keep your limo in good condition. These covers are perfectly fitted to prevent moisture, dust, harmful UV rays. The Gold Shield 5Lcar cover is the best. It can resist all types of extreme weather conditions such as snow, hailstorms, desert heat. It is 100% water proof and water resistant. This cover has a fleece lining to protect the car paint and finish. A long side comes free storage bag, antenna patch and cable lock. Free shipment, full lifetime warranty. The Gold Shield 5Lcar covers come in the following size lengths in feet:

32 feet; 30 feet; 28 feet;28 feet; 26 feet; 24 feet

  • Hearse Covers

These are of 3 types:

  1. Gold shield 5L- cover for Hearse up to 22 feet long.Composed of 5 bounded layers of highly resistant materials. It is 100% waterproof. For breathability, the car has additional layer ofmicro porous film. One (1) layer of super soft cotton fleece coating protects the finish and the paint.
  2. Silver Shield 3L- cover for Hearse up to 22 feet long. Gives the best protection for indoor storage; can also be used for outdoors under normal weather. Made up along with a specific material. This includes two (2) layers of Polypropylene PLUS which is 100% water-resistant and water repellent.
  3. Bronze shield 2L -cover for Hearse up to 22 feet long- for indoor storage. Made up of 2 Layers of Polypropylene PLUS for protection. Cannot be used for outdoor


  • RV Covers

They are all waterproof, scratch resistant and UV resistant.

The biggest reason why you should get RV Cover is to keep your RV exterior in good condition

RV covers are found in the classes:

Class a RV Cover; Class B RV Cover; Class C RV Cover; Travel Trailer RV Cover; Fifth Wheel Trailer RV Cover; Folding Camper RV Cover

  • Motor Cycle Covers

Covering your motorcycle discourages thieves.

  • ATV Covers

This cover is made up of 1 layer of extremely resistant 250T polyester. It is light weight and durable.Designed with new material to protect your ATV against weather conditions such as many things. The cover is 100% water proof. This cover Resists rot & mildew and will not stretch or shrink. It is exposure that one needs to check, this is something very important which one needs to keep track of. Make sure that you go in for, Thecarcover, this is one of the best brands and can give very good results in quick time and you will never have a problem, this is something that works well and give you all the support and preserve that you need and that is one of the best things about it. Once that happens, things become much easier and you will not have any issues. Once you make use of this product, then you may not worry about anything and you can be sure of the quality and this is very important. There are lots of people are looking at solutions and that is the most important thing which one needs to keep things in mind.

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