7 tips for switching to the subway keto

1) Avoid the 3 largest carbohydrate bombs

These 3 foods are by far the largest part of our carbohydrate consumption: bread, sweets and noodles.

For an effective conversion to a subway keto, it is unfortunately essential to completely avoid these foods or to reduce them to a minimum shared on ketosumo, subway keto

The good thing is that once you’ve done that, that’s half the battle of a successful subway keto.

2) Maintain the right balance between fruits and vegetables

Fruit is sweet, but okay in the subway keto . However, the ratio between vegetables and fruits should always be two to one.

3) Stevia or erythritol as a sugar substitute

The herbal sweetener Stevia and the artificial sweetener erythritol are in the subway keto , according to experience, best as a sugar substitute. Stevia should be used on liquid and creamy masses. Erythritol is great for baked goods.

4) Always eat enough

Although it is often talked about the subway keto , but in fact it is a diet change. If you want to lose weight long term, you should either maintain the daily amount of food or reduce it only slowly. But never eat below your average daily requirement. You should not be hungry for about 4 hours after eating. That’s a good personal benchmark that worked very well for me.

5) Eat high quality, healthy fats

There is a big difference in quality between fats in the subway keto . Just because you’re using fat as an energy source from now on does not mean that you’re supposed to grill crickets without interruption or make the fryer hotter. Healthy fats are found mainly in fish, nuts and vegetable oils.

6) Stretch flour with nuts

You can replace at least 50% of the usual amount of flour for a recipe with finely ground nuts. Nuts are bombs from healthy fats and thus extremely valuable for the subway keto .

7) Chocolate only from 70% cocoa content

Good news for chocolate lovers. Chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70% is okay with a subway keto .

The higher the cocoa content, the lower the content of Kohlenhydrate.

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