Bill McCollum

Former Florida Attorney General and Congressman

Practice Areas

Accident Law

We can ensure that you have the right resources to help you fight and get the right protection in case of nay accidents.

Criminal Law

Want someone to help you get the right justice with the help of the best lawyer.

Family Law

Family law is to help families solve any issue with minimal damage to the family.

Motorcycle Law

One of the most common law broken is the motor cycle law, we can help educate you.

Drug Posession

We can help give the right punishment to help ensure that justice is served at the right time.

Domestic Violence

We can help you out of a violent situations and also provide you the right justice

About Bill McCollum

Bill McCollum is a former Florida Attorney General and Congressmen who has always fought for the right cause. He has been in the industry for more that a decade and can assure you that the justice is always served when he fights for your cause.



We can help you present your side of the story in the court to help ensure that the justice always stays by your side.


You might have an issue with people and we can help solve that issue by the means of the law.


You can also take our help whenever you need it, we can always help you work a way out.

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Legal Keys to become a successful lawyer


Do you aspire to pursue a career of law? Do you dream of becoming a successful lawyer and fight for human rights? Then you will find this article extremely helpful for you.

In this article we will discuss about the key tips to become a successful lawyer. And no these are not anything extremely difficult task but very simple ones which are able to make the change!

  1. Networking is a must

Networking will improve your job supply which is the most practical aspect of any career. Always maintain a decent and sober manner with your colleagues and seniors because they may refer you to any client in need.

  1. Maintain integrity

Integrity fetches you the reputation no matter in whichever field you are in. Especially a lawyer needs to maintain his or her integrity at any cost because that builds their reputation and in turn draws the clients. If you have a bitter and rude attitude and a lose character, clients will not select you even if you have every other skill.

  1. Develop proper communication skill


The vocation of legal practice demands extreme command over language and proper articulation skill. Some people are blessed with this talent right since the beginning but everyone needs to improve this potential with regular practice. If you want to pursue law as your career it’s a wise decision to indulge into inter school, college or even state debate competitions or impromptu speech. This will help you immensely in the longer course of your career.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency is important when it comes to personal practice. If you keep out of touch of the court for over a year or so, you lose consistency. Because the more attached you are , the more you learn every day.

  1. Grow keen insight

If you don’t know the entire case yourself how can you expect others to justify you! You must grow a keen knowledge and an adventurous mind to dig deeper into things. Don’t take anything at face value. And try to do your field work by yourself. This will help you to build a stronger logic.

  1. Become persuasive

This is of course one of the most crucial point of becoming a successful lawyer. You need to convince others about your points. So don’t hesitate to delve a little deeper.

  1. Fight for the right cause

No matter even if you are losing, don’t become afraid to accept failure. Remember your profession demands fair justice; it’s not simply a monetary vocation.

  1. Be confident


We keep the most important point for the last. Legal career is a vocation of becoming confident. Learn to stand by yourself if you know your client is honest. Don’t ever become afraid of the seniority or popularity of your adversary.

  1. Experience

Of course experience is a crucial agenda. You will learn more as you grow. So stick to the profession no matter what comes in your way.

Now that you have learnt these master tips, becoming a successful lawyer is a matter of time. Go get it!


I am happy that I visited Bill McCollum for my case. Everyone here are professionals and have thorough knowledge about the law and find out easy ways to help me out.
Michael M. Kershner
When me and my wife decided on a divorce, I contacted Bill McCollum to help us. He was very clean about the rules and we are now separated and are happy.
Wayne A. McDonald